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Junior T releases his last amapiano EP



Junior T releases his last amapiano EP


Junior Taurus has finally dropped his last EP.

The star released a 4-track EP titled “Until September” and says it marks his last contribution to the amapiano genre.

Junior made it known that he has been in the music industry for more than 10 years.

He said while amapiano was getting more attention, he was looking to go back to his roots.

“These are the last sort of tracks in this style that I’m chasing. As a producer it’s easy to follow trends, especially now with amapiano. Tomorrow there will be something new. amapiano is not going to last forever. What is the next thing? I am creating the next thing.”

Though he did not deny the great impact amapiano has had globally, he felt it is better for artists to succeed making music that makes them happy.

“Sometimes, because of amapiano, you feel like if you don’t do whatever it is that’s happening at the moment you won’t get booked.

“I’ve seen a lot of change in people’s lives. Artists are creating generational wealth because of amapiano and we all aspire to be at that level.”