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5 foods you shouldn’t eat when you have cough



5 foods you shouldn't eat when you have cough

Cough can be irritating and can make you feel exhausted. It can keep you awake at night.

Cold, infection or pollutants and side effects of medications are the causes of cough.

A dry throat can cause discomfort when you swallow and can leave you with crispy cough. If you do not cure cough on time it can lead to other problems.

One should have soup, ginger, honey, vitamin C and spicy foods which will be comforting for dry cough.

Avoiding certain foods may reduce the inflammation and throat spasms that trigger different types of coughing.

Milk: Milk may increase mucus. Dairy products and drinking milk stimulates mucus production in the respiratory tract including lungs and throat. Therefore, it is better to eliminate milk from your diet when you have cough.

Dehydration: Dry throat may be discomforting when you swallow and may lead to cough. It is advisable to drink plenty of fluids but avoid foods such as caffeine, tea, coffee and energy drinks.

Processed foods: You can cure yourself from coughing if you avoid refined or processed foods. Foods such as white bread, white pasta, baked foods, chips and sugary deserts should be replaced with green leafy vegetables and nutrients dense whole foods.

Fried Foods: Fried foods can only worsen your condition. They will make you feel heavy. Foods like chips, french fries and even junk food should be avoided.

Citrus fruits: Fruits with citric acid may cause acid reflux aggravating your throat and triggering coughs. Fruits that have lot of water content like watermelon, pears, pineapples, peaches should be taken.

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