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Why Does Monica Galetti Have Blonde Hair? Weight Loss & illness Explained



Why Does Monica Galetti Have Blonde Hair? Weight Loss & illness Explained

Why Does Monica Galetti Have Blonde Hair? Weight Loss & illness Explained: Monica Galetti is a professional masterchef. she was born in 1975 in New Zealand. She is a former judge on the BBC  competitive cooking show Masterchef. After completing her studies Galetti worked at Lower Hutt restaurant Timothy’s. The chef which is the age of 46 announced her decision to leave her role as a judge on the BBC show last month after 14 years on the series. Monica said that “due to heavy workload and staff shortages and the mess in the restaurant that’s why she leaves judge of BBC” Follow More Update On

Monica Galetti

Why Does Monica Galetti Have Blonde Hair?

she revealed that her biggest motive is that quitting Masterchef is to spend some time with family and her nephew. her nephew’s name is Otis .he was diagnosed with desmoplastic small round cell tumor disease which is a rare and aggressive cancer that causes masses in the paunch. her nephew lives in New Zealand but Monica said he is very close to me and he is close to her daughter Anais whose age is 14. due to his nephew’s condition she curls and blonde her hair.

Otis is currently undergoing chemotherapy, but Monica said that “we are taking care of him very carefully”. she said that doctors decide to admit him in three months for a clinical trial and they tried to fund her for operation and treatment. Monica go to her house during the pandemic and was stable for a few weeks .she was happy for met his aunties and uncles. It was a special movement for her and spend a little bit of time with Otis as well.

Monica Galetti Weight Loss & illness Explained

Monica’s fans have to raise funds for her nephew and they want to appeal to people for giving money for this nice work. They want after the operation her nephew will be fit and fine. After all of this Monica had a great step back from the TV role to focus on her family and her London restaurant. she thanks all his Masterchef members that they understand his feelings.

Sarah Clay who is editor of Entertainment said  “Monica is a well maintain a member of the Masterchef family and she has a good knowledge of cooking and food knowledge. Monica had to decide that his focus has to be 100%for rebuilding. my kitchen team who have a better experience and good knowledge of food. We wish her luck and hope to see her back in the Masterchef  Kitchen in the Future.