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Is Israel Matseke Zulu Dead or Alive? Actor Death Hoax Debunked



Is Israel Matseke Zulu Dead or Alive? Actor Death Hoax Debunked

Is Israel Matseke Zulu Dead or Alive? Actor Death Hoax Debunked: Recently, an actor faced a severe disease in which doctors say we have to cut your knee permanently if you want to live. The actor was shocked and can’t believe that the one part of his leg will go forever. At first, he goes into sentimental mode but later on, he controls himself. And he agrees with the doctor’s advice. The actor’s name was Israel Matsek Zulu. Follow More Update On

Israel Matseke Zulu

Is Israel Matseke Zulu Dead or Alive?

He was battling the gangrene disease not for one, two, or three years but for seven years. Yes, you heard it right. He was fighting this disease for over seven years and he reached out to many doctors to treat his disease but he never gets the exact solution of his disease. Everybody says you need to go to a big hospital and treat the disease. Because the doctors which he previously visited either they were inexperienced or didn’t have any good medical facilities which they treat him.

The actor revealed in an interview with Tshisa Live that he had gangrene for years without knowing he had gangrene, as his condition only worsened last year while filming for the Mzansi Magic TV series Gomora. He continued to say that, his illness was started six or seven years ago.

Israel Matseke Zulu Death Hoax Debunked

He bears so much pain and sufferings when he was first diagnosed with his disease. But his pain will become more worsened in 2021. He was very sick at that time and he feels like he is going to die at any point in time. But luckily, he survived it.

Israel claims that if physicians had recognized his ailment sooner, he would not have had his limbs amputated. He was in agonizing pain for several days, which he described as electric shocks to his feet and suffering that went directly to his heart. He go to a specialist in Springs who told him to do a full-fledged surgery where they have to cut his leg.

Israel was bearing so much pain at that time. But whatever was happening was happening for his good. If he doesn’t do it, then he eventually going to die and the disease will spread to his entire body. Now he was in the hospital and taking some treatments. Follow this site to get stay updated.