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Y FM Hashini Silva Leaked Video Goes Viral on YouTube and Twitter, Reddit Link Explained!



Thousands of intimate videos have been making their presence on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. Since the video have been circulating, many netizens are getting curious to know about these videos and searched this on the Internet to watch. Well, watching these kinds of videos online can throw the watcher in trouble. Recently, another Internet and Radio personality, known as Hashini Silva has become a trending topic of the day after her intimate video started to appear on social media. Everyone is getting curious to watch her leaked video as she is a popular personality for her fans.

y fm hashini silva video

Now, “Hashini Silva YFM” has become a keyword to search for her leaked video which is still circulating on the Internet. Everyone is getting curious to watch it on social media and searching on Twitter to watch before it removes. Let us tell you that Hashini Silva is a popular YFM radio jockey and currently, she has become a hot topic among her fans. Her video has been leaked and those who know her personality are leaving their reactions on social media. Well, let’s find the actual footage of the Radio personality.

Y FM Hashini Silva Leaked Video

According to the sources, Hashini Silva works in a Y FM radio station and it is an audio character, not a human being. She completed her graduation from Yashodara Balika Vidyalaya with lots of education and moved to become a radio personality. Throughout her career, she gained a huge fan following, love, and respect from her followers. Currently, she is becoming a topic among fans because of her leaked video and everyone is searching for her.

She has a large fan base on social media handles such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well but this time, she is grabbing more attention of her followers. This is upsetting to hear that the fame is getting more viral but due to a bad reason. Well, Hashini must be between 25 to 30 years old as per the sources. Her leaked video is circulating on Twitter and everyone is searching for this. Let us tell you that the video has been watched by many but still, fans are getting excited to watch it.

Who Is Y FM Hashini Silva?

Yet, Hashini Silva has not made any commitment over this video but her fans are leaving some hate reactions on Twitter which caught her on-trend. Well, we don’t have much information about her leaked video but it is still trending on social media. Many are trying to download it from sources.