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Is Tarek Zahed Dead or Alive? Brother of Comanchero bikie boss Tarek Zahed Dead?



Comanchero bikie boss, Tarek Zahed survived in the shot but unfortunately, he couldn’t save his beloved brother who was killed in the attack. According to the sources, the police force has been established once again after another gang-war shooting took place in Western Sydney. The report says that Tarek Zahed was shot alongside his brother Omar in a hail of bullets. The incident took place last night in a Western Sydney. Omar was one of the country’s highest-ranking bikies. The investigation has began and police is trying to locate the suspects who were involved in this crime.

is tarek zahed dead or alive

Unfortunately, Omar, who was 39-years-old couldn’t survive due to his major injuries and died but his older sibling Tarek Zahed is fighting between life and death in hospital after assassins ambushed them at BodyFit Auburn at about 8 PM. We like to tell our readers that Tarek Zahed is 41-years-old and suffering from a critical condition. The incident took place just two weeks after gangland figure Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad was killed on Greenacre street. Since then, the authorities are trying to locate those criminals and now, another offense has taken place.

Is Tarek Zahed Dead or Alive?

After the incident took place, the emergency services responded over a call to the BodyFit gym on Parramatta Road in Auburn after they received reports of a shooting at 8 PM on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. Omar was shot on his stomach, arms, and legs. NSW Ambulance released a statement that reads,” He was in cardiac arrest and sadly could not be saved”. Another side, Tark suffered about 10 gunshot wounds to his body, including his head as well. He was rushed to the Westmead hospital in a critical condition where he went under surgery.

Police found two Audi Q7s on fire in the nearby suburbs of Berala and Greenacre a short time after the attack and other crime scenes have been established. The Deputy Premier, Paul Toole said,” If you are a part of Sydney’s underworld, if you are involved in criminal activity we are going to hunt you down and we are going to stamp out this kind of activity and this behavior. We will actually kick down doors, we will raid homes, we will raid businesses”.

Who Is Tarek Zahed?

Since the incident took place and the news of Omar’s death was confirmed, many people are getting curious to know about Tarek Zahed’s condition. Is he stable? Many are believing on rumors that believes that he is dead and his death-related rumors are circulating on social media. Let us tell you that Tarek’s condition is serious and he is undergoing surgery. We will share more details about his health.