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Hollywood Actor Ethan Peck Says He Was ‘Overwhelmed’ When He Heard About Playing Spock



Ethan Peck Had This Reaction When He Heard About Playing Spock In Latest Star War Movie
Ethan Peck Had This Reaction When He Heard About Playing Spock In Latest Star War Movie
Ethan Peck Was Overwhelmed When He Heard About Playing Spock(Pic Credit: IMDb)

Hollywood actor Ethan Peck, who has been receiving a lot of positive response for the recently released television series, ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’, spoke about the pressure that he had to endure for reprising the iconic character of Spock, a role that has been immortalised by Leonard Nimoy.

In a roundtable conversation, the actor told IANS, “I have felt huge amounts of pressure (for this role). In the beginning of the audition process, I didn’t know which character I was reading for. And, when I discovered it, I had a moment with a friend at that point of time. I was so overwhelmed with the opportunity to play this role and the responsibilities that come with it.”

Talking about the potential of Spock to catalyse his evolution as a human being, Ethan Peck further said, “It required me to grow in huge amounts as a person and as an actor. To be able to do all of that was very frightening back then because I knew that the role demanded to be done in a very deep and profound way. I still feel the pressure to this day, I would say that I’m a little less afraid of being fired this time (laughs).”

Ethan Peck also shared how the role overlaps with his inner subconscious, “I have struggled a lot with existential thoughts. I contemplate that a lot and not in a morbid way. It sends me down the path of idea and self-awareness and I believe that Spock is very much the same – a person who belongs to two worlds, Vulcan and the Rarth and shares a very different relationship with both of them.”

Taking a more philosophical route, Ethan Peck said in closing, “I think the contemplation of death is a great igniter as it inspires you to work differently, more ambitiously, more creatively and to solve problems more quickly because time is limited, so far as we know.”

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ is available to stream on Voot Select for Indian viewers.

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